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Our service:
Programming and consulting for systematic trading

Between walls
As a service provider who cares for your trading success, our aim is to support you in all phases that are necessary to produce a successful trading system.

From the first ideas, getting price and other data to the point of the automatically generated order submitted to the exchange.

An excerpt from our service portfolio :

System outline

Trading system development

With our know how you can avoid some performance dead-end right from the start:
After hundreds of our own system tests, we have a good feeling for what works and what doesn’t. The results of our client’s research however, are always confidential.

System internals

Trading system programming

We can translate trading approaches into code for all common software packages. WealthLab, Tradestation, Metastock or E-Signal. Or you could have us code your approach independent from third party software and trade from Microsoft Excel, Access or even Python. The fact that we are a little faster than others in doing it will keep the costs reasonable.

Satellite Dish

Support with data provider and software selection

Make use of our extensive knowledge about the trading software market. And spend your time with developing and refining your trading - instead of testing software that does fulfill your needs!


Trading system analysis

We can analyze existing systems - your own or those of system sellers - for performance, plausibility and over-optimization. Some “black boxes” can be looked into deeper than you might think..

Desktop Calculator

Statistical trading system assessment

Statistical analysis of multiple trading systems can help you enormously in building up a multi-system approach. This next step in systematic trading can boost your performance and at the same time lower your risk. We have the knowledge and tools for it.

Special tasks
In trading, it is often necessary to defy conventions - in our programming, we also like to tread beyond the beaten path. You look for a software, that reconciles your portfolio with your system positions? That checks for earnings in your system’s stocks over the next two weeks? Because we are trading the market on a daily basis, we do not need hours of explanations for such projects.

Also, you will not find total computer nerds here. Instead, you can also get coaching and training that will help you stay calm in the ups and downs of the equity curve - by a M.A. psyschologist that has traded the markets for over 10 years and therefore knows what he talks about.

A small side note:

We can not accept ‘small projects for around 100 bucks’
(This is not a joke, we really get such requests on a regular basis..)

Please challenge us..Cliff Diver

.. because we like to be lead to new creative territory that expands beyond the areas mentioned above. Just ask - normally, we do not bill the hours we need to work into something.

We like to think that our references speak for themselves. Look here..

If you are interested in having your account managed on a professional, systematic basis, stay tuned. We are preparing the launch of a financial advisor program within the next months.

Phone cable


Your phone contact:

Nicolai Richter

+49 (0)6033 / 927682

Phone hours (GMT!)
11.00h - 13.00h
16.00h - 21.00h

(for US customers, that means 10 a.m.
to 3 p.m. New York

We hope for your understanding that daily trading and other projects can occasionally keep us from picking up the phone. Thank you!