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GearTEAMWORK.  A profitable trading system is the result of a complex design process, in which many components work together.

The information below can help you with your own backtesting project - we subdivided them to reflect the different stages of developing a trading system.

Trading Ideas

Theorien für Profite

“Do’s” und “Don’ts” // Die psychologische “Edge” //

Kurzkritiken inspirierender Bücher

Historic Data

Historie in Zahlen

Datenqualität // Timeframes // Anbieter
Survivor Bias // Datenfundgrube WWW: Jenseits von OHLCV

Wealth-Lab Code

Konsequenz durch Klarheit

Filter zur Optimierung // Klares Konzept - klarer Code

Curve-Fitting // “Keep it simple, stupid!”

Signal Chart

Werkzeuge auf dem Prüfstand

Anforderungen: Portfolio-Testing // Entry & Exit // Statistik // Money-Management.
Software-Kurztests: WLD // Tradestation // Amibroker // Metastock

System Equity

Was am Ende übrig bleibt


Affen und Schreibmaschinen // Sharpe und Sortino //
Realistische Spesen // Wirklich handelbar?


We are located in germany, these pages are a translated version of our german site. You may therefore find portions that haven’t yet been translated. Sorry!

Make or buy?

A question of ressources..

D The exact formulation of your trading ideas, the selection of the best data provider and software and the exact translation of your trading approach into effective program code is a task that often can not be done easily with your own ressources - but errors in any of these areas can become expensive!

..or of selecting a good partner!

LTherefore, you should think about being supported by us. We can helkp you choose software, price data subscriptions, even code your systems. We may also offer managing your account on a strictly systematic basis - with superior results.

Use our services

As a competent partner we have
years of experience that you can benefit from - not only with the technical background, but also with the daily trading of semi- and fully automated systems!